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AD Research & Analysis Ltd is an independent social research company founded and headed by Andrew Darnton.


We specialise in:


   • Providing guidance on behaviour change, and the use of models and theory.


   • Carrying out desk research and producing related analysis into public behaviours and public understanding.


   • Producing segmentation models for targeting and communication purposes.


We like to focus our efforts on the priority policy challenges in; sustainability and the environment, health,

global poverty, education and justice.


Our work draws on a wide body of theory and practice across a range of disciplines and makes this knowledge accessible to policy makers and analysts in central government and other organisations.


In particular, we provide training sessions in behaviour change models and techniques, and act as expert advisors in behaviour change to project teams working on a wide range of public engagement tasks.


We have a number of specialist associates and work closely with leading academics from the Universities of Bath, Lancaster, Manchester, Cardiff, Surrey and elsewhere.