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AD Research and Analysis is an independent research company founded and led by Andrew Darnton.


We are recognised experts in social change and behavioural theory.  We use methods from research, planning, and stakeholder engagement to design co-deliver and evaluate change interventions. We choose to focus our efforts on the priority policy challenges in sustainability, health and social justice.


Our services include:

-providing expert advice on behaviour change, and the use of models and theory in policy and practice;

-carrying out desk research and producing related analysis into public behaviours and perceptions;

-producing segmentation models, for strategy, targeting and communication purposes;

-undertaking data analysis, as part of desk research studies, or to be re-presented (eg. as infographics);

-delivering stakeholder engagement and training including via expert interviews, co-production sessions and working groups.


For more than a decade we have applied and developed models of behaviour and theories of change across diverse policy problems: transferring learnings from one context to another.  


Some recent projects give an indication of the kinds of work we do:

-A review of Open Policy Making methods, in the light of the Civil Service Reform Plan (2012), for Defra

-A scoping study into business’ transport and travel practices, exploring potential approaches to the development of a segmentation model, for DFT (in a consortium led by Aberdeen University)

-A series of collaborative workshops for Scottish Natural Heritage exploring the challenges of tackling biodiversity loss, in the context of a review of their approach to managing Protected Areas

-An external review of the Time To Change programme, aiming to end the stigma and discrimination faced by people with mental health problems (with Chrysalis Research, for Mind and Rethink Mental Illness)

-Expert advice to the NUS’s ‘Alcohol Impact’ programme, involving hands-on behaviour change support to seven universities, using AD’s ISM Tool (for NUS and the Home Office)